Has stable yield strength and excellent plasticity,deformed bars possess superior plasticity and toughness. The anti-seismic deformed bar has high strength, which can reduce the cost of construction in application, so it is economical. Good toughness makes it has high bending resistance, aging performance and high fatigue performance; good welding performance makes it suitable for various welding methods, simple and convenient in process.
Steel construction
Building construction

Application: ribbed steel bars are widely used in civil engineering construction such as houses, bridges and roads. De-bar is a kind of indispensable structural material that can be found from public facilities such as highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, dams, to the foundations, beams, columns, walls, and slabs of housing construction.

Deformed bars: HRB400、HRB400E、HRB500、HRB500E、B500B、Gr460B、SD390、SD400 series products


Deformed bars: HRB400HRB400E、HRB500HRB500EB500B、Gr460B、SD390、SD400 series products

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