Innovative applications

As the frontier leading the development trend of steel manufacturing, Rizhao Steel’s ESP line has been continuously absorbed and innovative in technical equipment to develop the endless ESP rolling process with independent intellectual property rights and realize the green manufacturing of low-cost, high-precision and ultra-thin strip steel, which is of great strategic significance for the development and progress of steel production process. Our company took the lead in introducing the headless continuous casting and rolling strip steel production line in ESP domestically. In recent years, through the digestion, absorption and innovation of ESP equipment, Rizhao Steel Group have broken through a series of key bottleneck technologies and led the development of industry technology. Our group has formed a complete set of integrated ESP rolling technology with independent intellectual property rights, and developed a series of low-cost, high-precision and ultra-thin strip steel products. Thus, the production of tens of thousands of tons of ultra-thin wide strip steel has been realized, and the progress of thin slab continuous casting and rolling and endless rolling technology has been promoted, and the development of the world's iron and steel enterprises towards low-cost, high-precision and green manufacturing has been promoted. Among them, the company is the first in the world to successfully develop 1.2mm×1500mm ultra-thin wide specification 700MPa class large beam steel, filling the gap in the ultra-thin wide specification hot rolled high strength steel market. Our company first launched the 4.0mm HDG coil of zero spangle with zinc layer of 275g/m2 and grade of SGH340, which broke the monopoly of foreign companies.