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Social Contributions
 Rizhao Steel carries out private enterprise social responsibility with real action
 Rizhao Steel carried out 2012 key universities talent introduction
 Rizhao Steel donated 300000 yuan to the Welfare Fund of Shong Province for the relief o..
 Rizhao Steel donated 100000 yuan to the resident school
 Rizhao Steel organized Ankang mother to go to Sichuan to see the children
 Former Ankang mother,today steel flower
 Shong Rizhao Steel supports publicity
 Rizhao Steel: the development of enterprises did not forget to do good
 Rizhao Steel Dedicated Charity Promoted A Harmonious Enterprise
 Rizhao Steel promotes local employment with industry drives
 Rizhao Steel donates to the development of education
 Rizhao Steel supports the old-poverty to help vulnerable groups
 Rizhao Steel involved in earthquake relief
 Rizhao Steel Won Charity Award
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