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Peoples Daily Online:Rizhao Steel full of love in return to society
Rizhao Steel, one only eight years, steel production in the country ranked ninth in the young private enterprise has never forgotten its social responsibility. According to incomplete statistics, Rizhao Iron and Steel from its inception in donations to help old - poverty, earthquake relief and medical and health social contributions of the public charity, has reached 740 million yuan.
To hold up a blue sky for students
Autumn in September, is a year of school.
Liu Zhaoli,who lives in Han Yingzi village, Tiger Town, Rizhao city,Shandong Province as a freshman at the University of Civil Aviation of China, carries ten thousand yuan in grants began her college life. "ten thousand yuan for our rural students, a large number of, not only to lift the burden of the parents, also solve my tuition for one year and I have to work harder to learn, return to the community." Liuzhao Li said gratefully.
Ten thousand yuan from Rizhao Steel
In the RiZhao, there are 113 so lucky "Liu Zhaoli ", they have got to 1000-10000 yuan ranging from grants.
Rizhao Iron and Steel in its own development, has not forgotten the companies should bear social responsibility, and actively involves with the public welfare:
In 2006-2007, Rizhao Steel donated 2 million yuan to Rizhao Xinying School,Railway School,Yijia School to improve the teaching environment, and additional teaching facilities;
In July 2007, an investment of 500,000 yuan for resident village built a hope primary school;
In September 2007, Rizhao Steel donated 90,000 yuan for resident Township Middle School to build a large canteen, and provided facilities such as dining tables and chairs;
On 2010 and 2011  Children's Day,Rizhao Seel donated more than one hundred thousand yuan worth of teaching facilities and school supplies.
Rizhao Steel, with a fiery love for many students hold up a blue sky.
To build a warm home for orphans
After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Rizhao Iron and Steel launched to all employees thousands of people donate blood, million donation initiatives, the majority of employees participate, just a few days time to collect donations of 2.53 million yuan. In CCTV fundraising party on the evening of May 18, striking 100 million yuan of donations, so that many viewers remember Rizhao Iron and Steel. Together with previous donations, Rizhao Steel cumulative contributions to 152,530,000 yuan for reconstruction, 21 units of local hospitals, schools, welfare homes for the elderly, women, children's activity center got Rizhao Iron and Steel donations support.
To the children of the earthquake who lost their homes and campus withstand a great deal of physical and mental trauma, Rizhao Iron and Steel In addition to the China Children's Foundation donated nearly 160 million yuan, for the relocation of ​​712 orphans in in the disaster area and the construction of Sichuan Shuangliu "well-being of their homes" project,Rizhao Steel will continue to fund raising these children until the completion of the highest academic one-time investment, this is also the China Children's Foundation was founded 30 years ago the largest and longest time span, rescue children up to the project.
Efficiency is life. Rizhao Steel from establishment to production in just 181 days, a record known as the miracle of metallurgical history of the RiZhao Steel speed, while love and care for affected children, letting Rizhao Steel employees go all out race against time, "RiZhao Steel speed" sublimation "love speed", has created yet another miracle. Only a week's time, a suitable disaster area children's physical and mental rehabilitation, residential, medical, entertainment, catering for one of the "well-being of their homes completed.
To further optimize the children's learning and living environment, Rizhao Iron and Steel in complete solitary sleepy children interim placement, made a new plan,donated million yuan in Shuangliu,Chengdu,Sichuan to build a permanent well-being of their homes and secondary schools.
Great Love, the highest praise
Wenchuan earthquake disaster is over, but Rizhao Steel continues the love offerings.
2010, Rizhao Steel continue to increase efforts to social enterprise nurturing an active part in all kinds of public charity throughout the year donated 99.31 million yuan, including Yushu earthquake donation of 50 million yuan, Gansu earthquake donation of 600 million.
Rizhao Steel generous social return, the praise of all sectors of society, and received various awards and honors: December 5, 2008, Rizhao Iron and Steel was awarded the "China Charity Award" Special Contribution Award; December 2008, the China Children and Teenagers' Fund awarded Rizhao Steel the honorary medal of  "public welfare Star Enterprise"; July 2011, the China Women's Federation, the China Children and Teenagers Foundation granted Rizhao Steel, "China Children's Foundation 30th anniversary of the China Children's Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution Award" ... ...
And all this is only just beginning, the love of Rizhao Iron and Steel Road will be farther and farther and farther firm.
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