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Rizhao Steel: mutual funds build new barrier against the risk for workers
Rizhao Steel plays a functional role of the trade union organizations, advocated the establishment of the Workers Relief Fund in 2008,  for three years, has assistance payments for 716,000 yuan to help 57 needy employees to tide over their difficulties, for enterprise employees to build a resistthe barrier of the risk of accidents.
Recently, six workers in difficulty of Rizhao Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., respectively, received from the company's Relief Fund assistance payments ranging from 7000-40000 yuan. The six workers were in trouble, because they or their family member were suddenly in ill.
Rizhao Steel the first steelmaking plant union president Huang Wenkai: I am for Comrade Li Chuan-bao to receive the relief fund, this company unions Relief Fund grant him 40,000 yuan for him personally, which is equivalent to the timely help, which is equivalent to saving money.
Rizhao Steel the second steelmaking plant worker Fan Wei: children diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome, need to install a pacemaker changed every 5-6 years, family constraints, I work in the steel mills, this time, thanks the funds for rescuing me 10,000 yuan.For my family, it is a great help.
RiZzhao Steel workers relief fund takes the workers of voluntary membership, relying on members to pay their contributions and love donations to raise relief funds, the current membership has grown to more than 10,000 people.
Fang Lei, Deputy Chairman of Rizhao Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Union: Currently, the Foundation has the vast majority of workers recognized, solved a pressing need for workers, enhanced the sense of belonging of the workers, played a positive role in building a harmonious enterprise.
Rizhao Steel the first steelmaking plant worker,Liu Peng detected malignant lymphoma, the cost of treatment over five hundred thousand yuan, several times during the predicament faced due to their inability to pay medical expenses for treatment interruption assistance payments on three occasions to provide relief for him 300,000 yuan.
Rizhao Steel the first steelmaking plant worker,Liu Peng single-parent families are unable to pay the huge medical expenses, the completion of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the rescue of the Company Foundation, now has been discharged back to the original post. Very grateful to the company Relief Fund, I will be thankful to return the company.
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