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Rizhao Steel Held the Seminar of New Products Development of Steel Applied to Steel Drums
       According to performance requirements of products from users, Rizhao Steel optimized composition and rolling technology, laid down "REGT series design book of steel products applied to steel drums " on the basis of pre-market research and user applications of Arvedi steel sheets, and held the Seminar of New Products Development on May 15th in order to ensure precision and application of products process. Steel drums require good plasticity, ductility and excellent protection performance. They are widely used in such industries as packages of industrial products, packages of transport and packages of sale, and become one of the important target markets for ESP products development. But products employing Arvedi steel sheets possess high strength, which may cause users to adjust processing technology in the process of edge rolling and bring great consumption to the mold. After the problem was exposed, Steel Research and Development Department of the company actively intervened in the problem, the technology direction of giving priority to the development of new products of ESP to solve production adaptability of steel drums was clearly set combing with continuous, automated, and high-efficient production requirements from customers. By investigating mechanical properties of products, repeatedly optimizing steelmaking ingredients and production technology, REGT series design book of steel products applied to steel drums was formulated.
      Later, Rizhao Steel would continue to focus on and solve such problems as product performance, product trials, marketing and etc in the development of steel drums in order to further enhance the product range of applications and satisfaction of customers.
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