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Rizhao Steel quality inspection department creates a quick separation detection system

Creat "quick separation" detection system
Rapid analysis of laboratory of quality control department is mainly responsible for on-line detection of the furnace production steel sample, iron sample, slag sample, gas sample, play a decisive role in the iron and steel smelting process. With the company's steel quantity, test index increased significantly, the original testing equipment has been unable to meet the production demand. In order to solve the problems thant steelmaking converter steel platform and material test equipment arrangement and management system can not adapt to the smelting rhythm problems, to ensure analysis under the premise of quality, maximize the shorter analysis time feedback, improve the production efficiency, quality inspection department creates a " quick separation " steel laboratory management system.
" Quick separation " refers to the analysis system was built in the place close to the production site, the specimen by the quick preparation and analysis, test results were sent to the converter steel platform system.
Rapid analysis laboratory is located in the converter control building five, sixth floor, sixth floor is divided into the spectroscopy hall and oxygen and nitrogen, carbon and sulfur fluorescence analysis chamber.
The spacious and bright spectroscopy hall neatly places a row of direct-reading spectrometer, the middle one to place an imported automatic milling of prototypes and domestic automatic milling prototype for rapid milling steel samples, in laboratory  26 sets of wind-driven send-like system with two steel mills converter workshop, refining workshop, casting workshop have been back and forth to send samples to achieve the sample to the completion of the milling, measured line-type. The testing samples reach the laboratory to complete test in the shortest time, currently, the steel samples from the samples to the reported results in no more than 3.5 minutes.
High-tech detection reduce costs
Test data is automatically determined by the system and delivery to the production, testing aspects of the network terminal (MES three management systems, the QIS Quality Management System and the SPC statistical process control system, etc.) to achieve data sharing and application of the steelmaking converter, continuous casting, the following process furnace, rough finishing mill production processes.
Advanced automatic milling prototype milling steel, to avoid the influence of Ca content, and the grinding wheel relative to the previous manual grinding samples, can save 95,000 Yuan every year.
The new automatic grinding wheel prototype places in the sample chamber adjacent to the hall, for the polished table tennis racket-like iron-like, greatly reducing the security risks of the dust, and the grinding wheel relative to the previous manual grinding samples, can save 30,000 Yuan every year. The sample send points adopts the wind sent the samples to the laboratory, to avoid manually send the samples on the way to waste time, save labor.
The western area of the fifth floor place the goods: power distribution room, storage, gas purification chamber. Separate gas purification room places large-scale argon purification, small argon gas purifiers, bottled nitrogen, oxygen and helium. Equipment gases are all from the fifth pipeline to the sixth floor. Spectrometer makes use of the internal self-produced argon, and after a double purification of large and small argon purifier, access to spectrometer, avoid high frequency replace of bottled argon gas and different purity, to ensure the data test results.
Enhance the detection accuracy to meet the needs of variety of steel
For the blast furnace workers hand-written furnace handwriting is not clear, non-standard problems caused identify obstacles of inspectors, make use of IPC to connect wind moving system with the spectrometer computer signal, enter the furnace number in blast furnace wind moving the screen, when the samples reach the laboratory, the spectrometer computer shows and prints the sample information, to avoid the handwriting number errors, and greatly reduces the sample number register time.  
Carbon and sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen fluorescence analyzer is placed on the sixth floor of the western area, with the new high configuration Shimadzu MXF-2400 fluorescence spectrometer, U.S. ON836 analyzer and CS844 analyzer, achieve slag samples, sample gas line inspection, and ensure the stability and accuracy of the data. Each slag sample from the samples began to report the results, the longest period of no more than nine minutes, each gas sample time of no more than 16 minutes.
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