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Innovation¡ª¡ªbusiness to take off wing
Innovation is the soul of the scientific development of our business to achieve bigger and stronger, we must take the road of innovation. Not innovation, there is no breakthrough, not learning£¬there is no progress.Sail against the current, fall behind.¡ª¡ªFrom Chairman Du  ¡°speech in 2010 wrap-up session¡±.
For eight years, Rizhao Steel from unknown to well-known domestic iron and steel enterprises, the economic benefits grow exponentially, dynamic and imaginative innovation-driven endogenous growth momentum to enhance the unique "RiZhao Steel speed take-off step by step, to achieve development by leaps and bounds. China's private steel industry leader. Even in the case of market demand drop at a steady pace, supple posture, wings, contrarian sky, by what? "Innovation Steel" words can be given away the secret.
The concept of innovation-the root of the enterprise development. Fly away when changing its new feathers, good building, first to clear their old base. "Innovative thinking is the most unique strategic resources is the prerequisite for all innovative, far-reaching impact on business innovation. Eight years ago, general manager Du Shuanghua decided to invest to build Rizhao Steel in Rizhao City with more than 100 kilometers of coastline. Until 2005, "Steel Industry Development Policy" issued direction. The concept of innovative thinking, ultimately allows the company to reap the geographical and resource advantages, started construction on March 31, completed and commissioned on September 28,2003,created a profit in 2004, the amount of tax in 2007 to occupy the RiZhao city half of the tax.
Dare to dare, pioneers, is the key to breakthrough. The concept of innovation gives wings to take off in Rizhao Iron and Steel, sturdy genes common in private enterprises, business practices, drive Rizhao Iron and Steel leaps and bounds. Put into operation at the beginning, the company covers an area of ​500 acres, less than a thousand employees, such as nursing infants, full of hope, a difficult start. Eight years later, the company employs more than 11,000 people, covers an area of ​​6,000 acres, nearly 50 billion yuan of assets, the development of a sintered pellet, iron, steel, rolled products, oxygen, power generation in one and fully furnished 10 million tons of iron and steel enterprises, like the high morale of the dragon in the sea of ​​cloud sly wave deceitful take off flying through the clouds into heaven.
Plant at the beginning, the company will make full use of planning resources, high cost of land and to spare the article. Compact layout of the production, efficient processes, the company appeared in the molten iron is not cool on the steel-making, steel freshly baked on the rolling, the hot pick hot delivery, short inverted pattern of a fire timber, not only saving energy, but also creating benefit, and ultimately the formation of both plates, rods, lines, type of pattern, so that the RiZhao Steel unit of steel production has been among the nation's.
The steel industry is the resources, energy consumption-intensive industries, but it is also pollution emitters. Rizhao Steel, as the only one included in the enterprise of the National 1000 Enterprises Energy Conservation Action in Rizhao City, at the beginning of production, innovated concept, put into the beginning of the concept of innovation, and effectively responsible for the RiZhao blue sky, golden sand beach, great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation work, adhere to the guidance of scientific concept of development, walk the road of new industrialization development, environmental protection, the principle of energy conservation to the relationship between business survival and progress, and promote the harmonious development of society height, in accordance with the minimization, resource recovery, reuse, and strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, to exhaust all recovery for electricity generation, waste water are all closed-loop processing, waste recycling all at the same time in the soot reduction desulfurization discharge standards, the noise full control, technical innovation and energy saving achieved remarkable results. circular economy subsidiary products, the annual output of up to 2.49 billion yuan, away with their own economic benefits created by the social benefits in terms of environmental pollution control is immeasurable. In December 2010, the company's ¡°sewage treatment reuse project¡± and ¡°blast furnace gas power generation project¡±, also won the honorary title of "Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Demonstration Project". July 2011, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's circular economy and environmental assessment predict Research Center awarded Rizhao Steel the honorary title of ¡°circular economy research demonstration base¡±.
Personnel innovation - the base of enterprise development. Talent is the most valuable asset, the relationship between the survival of the enterprise is the cornerstone of enterprise development, is also the key to whether the winning end in the market competition. The Book of Songs, "it reads:" Si Wong toast, raw this Kingdom. Kingdom g of Health, Victoria Zhou Zhen. Large pool of toast, King Wen-ning. Zhou Wenwang attaches great importance to talent, a lot of talent around him, in the fifty year of his reign, the national strength is powerful. Yan Zhaowang follows Guo Huai¡¯s advice to build the golden platform to attract talents, so the six-party hero competing go to Yan.
Personnel innovation for Rizhao Steel bigger scale enterprises, among the first-class domestic iron and steel enterprises should not be underestimated. Early days, the company has stood the severe test of cooperation divestment, crisis, senior technical staff dispatched by the partners, Rizhao steel is real space for the development of talents, ambitions platform, and ultimately stay in the RiZhao Steel , offer advice, due diligence make every effort to create the great cause of iron steel production in 181 days, make the entire steel industry in big surprise.
In the past few years, all corners of the country elite gathered, iron and steel industry had vigorous development. So far, the company has gathered an iron and steel metallurgy, pressure processing, thermal power engineering, automatic control, electrical engineering, metallurgical machinery complete range of cutting-edge team of professionals, graduates of universities and colleges accounted for 73.2 % of the total number of employees, 766 junior engineers, 213 senior engineers, senior engineer 60 people, and the high skills of this new force is being increasingly expanded, the team presents the specialization and younger, average age of employees is 29 years old.
The face of future market trends, Chairman Du Shuanghua proposed the plan of product structural adjustment, with suitable, it must be a large number of scientific and technical personnel reserves. Rizhao Steel innovated employment mechanism, through penetrating corporate philosophy to the college students, reached
students paid internship agreement with University of Science and Technology Beijing, Northeastern University and other colleges and universities, attract the "211", "985" Talents of the eyes, make them understand Rizhao Steel, and thus make them want to come to Rizhao Steel Development. Not signed for the purpose of this internship program, the company's ground-breaking win the praise of the university teachers and students, the introduction to the talent of the RiZhao Steel made a good start and pave the way.
Use of the talents, the company attaches great importance to talent£¬regardless of the qualifications and age, regardless of geographical differences, the effective mobilization of the passion and enthusiasm of staff. As Chairman Du Shuanghua once in the image, said: "RiZhao Steel 'is a monkey to a tree, a tiger to the mountain'". In the first half of 2011, the company bold, eclectic talent, promoted the 63 middle-level cadres and 72 grass-roots cadres. Company a mid-level cadre in the time to write half a year summary of the work said: "I have other corporate life in Rizhao Steel that can not exist in other enterprise and assessment of internal control titles employees not only to achieve personal values, has been higher wages, and to find the direction of the effort forward. Beginner, Intermediate, Deputy High senior internal control skills assessment for each professional and technical personnel to provide a broad space for development, highlighting the professional advantages of skilled personnel, we are no longer the mighty force squeeze administration of this single-plank bridge, surgery specialization, their own strengths, their talent and display their talents, Rizhao Iron and Steel of all types of talent to enjoy a sense of belonging.
Company, no one stop industry. Murphy, eclectic way, thorough personnel training mode, a sufficient talent pool, making the company not only can develop the latest products to keep up with the market, but also can develop adaptive products according to market demand, and gradually formed to meet the market need innovation research and development system to build the brand image of the steel thriving enterprise with distinctive features and characteristics of the times.
Management Innovation - Business Development Pillar. Management innovation is the major support of enterprise evergreen, the market is the source of enterprise development, Rizhao Iron and Steel market-oriented management of innovation is also extraordinary. The company attaches great importance to the guiding role of the market in innovation, and innovation has always been to lead the market demand through the market to test the value and effectiveness of the innovation. For example, from September to take the 2008 financial crisis, the global environmental impact of steel prices across the board losses and other steel mills in the production, RiZhao Steel was operating at full capacity to digest the high-priced stocks, huge losses for three consecutive months, high-priced ore digested seize ore price slump time, a lot of eating into the low-cost mine production in February 2009, the first in steel prices in the country to achieve profitability. Rizhao Iron and Steel in a rapidly changing, the cruel steel of a turbulent market competition in the end trend development.
The cooperation of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises should not be either-or, more is not incompatible. The state-owned enterprises have the advantage of state-owned enterprises, private private characteristics, in the current active market economic system, can be a new model to achieve the merger of docking, complement each other. "in 2011, the company has taken a key step in management innovation, managed MINMETALS camp steel, the steel of the the Minmetals camp of just a few months on from the huge loss to a profit of RiZhao Steel management team to show its superior management to look askance at the entire steel industry. Chairman Du Shuanghua corporate philosophy of "serious and realistic" interpretation on the hosting of the "2.15 General Assembly
 is refreshing: "recognize" - recognize the figures, "true" - true honor, "seeking" - seeking the rule of law, "real" - real-effectiveness. Detail, the figures speak fine consider the results; honor Performance bonuses dare to be real hair; system management, to prevent human disturbance; the pursuit of profit, to create real benefits. Advanced management concepts make the whole company full of vitality, passion, unity, happiness steelmaking.
Counterparts, the company's unique refinement of management model called strict, fine, in fact, by the universal praise of our customers. Product design, aimed at advanced technical direction of the steel industry, with reliable quality, stable performance, the starting point for the design, carefully crafted image of Rizhao Steel. Band products are widely used in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Bridge and other countries level key projects; quality management, by building a diversified quality management system, each of the implementation of employee job quality management standardization, refinement of the quality indicators, on-site "5S", the region of QC group and the production process Six Sigma technology, enhancing the overall level of quality management, quality awareness  always carries out as the main line in the process of a brand; insist on honesty, cooperation, development and win-win sales marketing concept, the unique advantage of fully by virtue of location, price, logistics and quality, to take to respond flexibly to market effort to service customer sales policy, the families of the agreement, the direct supply households, terminal families a variety of sales model, both market share and product credibility improve; capital operation to achieve the effect of customer liquidity 1:3 clients' funds in the same conditions, go to other companies each month can only achieve up to one turnover, RiZhao Steel can at least achieve turnover of 2-3 times, one of the company's core strengths; supply matching in accordance with the needs of users to seek the most good preparation; faith service, the company based on honesty, integrity, bearing in mind the mission, take the initiative as strong management, outside the tree brand, enterprise development, and always maintain vitality.
October 11, Shandong Metallurgical Industry Corp. announced the year 2011 the province's metallurgical (colored), Enterprise Management Innovation Award results of Rizhao Iron and Steel, the first prize for six, eight second prize, third prize 7 good results, to be a solemn recognition of the award-winning innovations, once again mobilized at all levels of the company management to respond positively to the enthusiasm for the work the Chainman Du Shuanghua "Innovation Steel", "brand steel" instructions to promote all levels of innovation.
Technological innovation - the source of enterprise development. The technology is in the Competition, the only constant technological innovation is the business of maintaining the evergreen of the power source. In 2005, Chainman Du Shuanghua proposed cost-effectiveness, production technology research and development of mineral technology and resource recycling use as the starting point, persistently pursuing to maximize business efficiency "ideas. December 23, 2010, on the 25th, the two phases of the China Metallurgical News full-page report promoted "low-quality ore efficient new ironmaking technology", the central two sets to do a report, caused strong react inside and outside the industry. This technology is a response to Chainman Du, the results of the operating practices concluded a few years to iron, breaking the metallurgical history of the use of low-quality iron ore smelting brought high energy consumption and low production bottleneck, not only for the company huge operating profit, but also for the use of low-quality iron ore in China has opened up a new idea.
For eight years, Rizhao Iron and Steel adhere to the technical innovation as the driving force innovation, aimed at the advanced level, is committed to product development and scientific and technological progress, and harvest a lot of fruits. 2010, the company has fully mastered the production technology of high alumina sinter, high magnesia sinter, first to complete the production practices of hematite powder, pellet production of the indexes reached the essence of the hematite powder to produce the level of the pellets, the first at home and abroad. In iron, in view of different iron ore resources, choose the lowest cost burden structure to achieve the three economic burden structure smelting, successfully broke through " the high ore smelting ","Full sintering ore smelting" two technical problems, and established the company's best economic smelting intensity. Solid waste disposal and comprehensive utilization of project is the company's independent intellectual property rights, the smooth realization of factory experiment, the same cause a high degree of concern in the theoretical circles of iron and steel industry and the manufacturers and the Government's environmental protection department, and received three hundred thousand yuan provincial environmental protection industry technology research and development of special funds .
R & D capabilities is an important foundation and prerequisite of enterprise technological innovation, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation, human, material and financial input, "I will not speak of the effectiveness of the innovation is how, as long as the employees would like to innovate, dare to innovate, seek innovate, we are affirmed, even thousands of pieces of cost reduction, the slightest mention efficiency, even said a failed experiment, we have to give a variety of ways sure to encourage, protect and mobilize all positive, strong full innovative atmosphere. "For eight years, the company accumulated scientific and technological achievements of six patented three, five research projects have won national, provincial department, and corporate-level Technology Progress Award, and some fill gaps in the country, with a group of independent knowledge of technology ownership. In 2007, the company received the "high-tech enterprises", "technological innovation, quality management advanced unit "award. 2011, the company is running efforts to increase the varieties of steel production and marketing mechanism, invested heavily in upgrading the infrastructure, to the foundation to pave the way for the development of varieties of steel.
Today, Rizhao Iron and Steel series matures, the H - beam of 175 * 175 specifications once was the sound barrier of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project as designated timber, month supply of 20,000 tons. In cold-rolled base material (SPHC hot rolled), the PC steel bar steel (30MnSi coiled) product areas has been basically established industry voice and vane position. In 2010£¬30MnS annual sales reached 470,000 tons, has become the country's largest 30MnSi production base. The SPHC monthly sales have been stable at 200,000 tons, the domestic cold-rolled raw material production bases. Developed into the market mainstream products in the economically developed areas of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal resources varieties, development of the northeast, northwest, southwest and south-central regional markets, has formed its own unique pattern of sales and market share; exports steadily, have entered the Japanese, Korea, Europe and Southeast Asia; the spiral successful in Shanghai futures market delivery and further expand sales channels.
The strategy of "science and technology enterprises bigger and stronger," makes Rizhao Iron and Steel embarked on an introduction, digestion and absorption of the road of independent innovation, the establishment of a responsibility, rights, benefit, the combination of independent innovation in R & D system, patented technology to be quickly converted into reality productivity. Relying on technological advances to expand the market space, relying on technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, innovation has become the company's products replacement businesses to quickly take off the engine.
Cultural innovation - the soul of enterprise development. Person,people, dead man; system, people, tiring; culture, people, and manage the soul. Rizhao Iron and Steel has been a banner of China's steel industry, the connotation of this banner is its corporate culture with the times. At the highest level of business competition gradually turned to the corporate culture as the core competitive landscape in the context of global culture blend with each other, the mutual penetration, the company through a variety of ways for employees to lead and instill corporate culture. After molding, repeated experience of "Not safe, not production" concept, " Management by strictness, by law, by ability, by virtue" management philosophy,employment principle of "Able Person Goes to the Top, Fair Person Gives Way, Incapble Person Goes to the Bottom", company philosophy of "Keep Pace with the Times, Serious truth-seeking, Unity and Cooperation, Steel-making in a Happy Environment",enterprise spiritEmphasize of "subjectivity in front of objectivity, emphasize method in front of difficulty, and emphasize contribution in front of hardship".Rizhao Iron and Steel formed a consensus, to become the company's culture gene, thoughts and actions of each employee to maintain and integrate powerful enterprise cohesion and solidarity.
September 19, 2007, a flood sudden, to the company caused incalculable damage. The face of severe flood, the RiZhao Steel united, hand in hand, for five days and five nights at the job site, repaired equipment and spare no effort to resume production, minimized property damage, and achieved the victory of the flood fighting and rescue, re-interpretation of the real action "RiZhao Steel spirit".
May 20, 2008, Rizhao Steel actively responded to the ACWF Initiative commissioned the well-being of their homes to take delivery of the contractor the task. Just a few days on the construction process, the home builders group leadership to front line staff, once again carried forward the "three stresses" Passing the torch entrepreneurial spirit, threw himself into, excluding hard, excluding gains and losses, and be willing to sacrifice and selfless hard work, with hands to create a new home for the affected children in the Wenchuan earthquake has created yet another miracle.
August 3, 2010, a time when the scorching heat, but it is the factory overhaul period of tension, the face of the crane grab in the clean-up of Circulating pond sludge out of reach when he was second steelworks party secretary Liu Yuqing comrades cents do not hesitate to put on the jumpsuit, first jumped into the sludge pool! Then, the presence of cadres and workers have joined the fight body to stir up the settled sludge to reproduce the spirit of "Iron Man" and write out a passionate Song of Rizhao Iron and Steel.
Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, Yushu in Qinghai Province, the well-being of their homes, non-remunerated blood donation, special party membership dues, resident construction, medicine and funds ... a string of words interpret the intangible human love of Rizhao Steel. A series of cultural ideas, show the characteristics of Rizhao Iron and Steel open entrepreneurial culture. Enterprises, whether in good times or bad, have a strong sense of industry responsibility, social responsibility, develop a sense of crisis, always maintain a fighting spirit, and challenge themselves, working together, harmonious development, contribute to the community spirit of the times.
No pain no gain. In April 2008, the company was identified as a grassroots party building and demonstration base in Rizhao City, at the same time was recognized as "non-public economic organizations, one of the pairs with advanced units"; May, the company was awarded the "2006-2007 Shandong Province excellent ideological and political work Enterprise "; December, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce granted" advanced group of earthquake relief, the Ministry of Civil Affairs awarded the "China Charity Award", was issued by the China Health and Medical Foundation to support public welfare undertakings, the heart health of the people " certificate of honor. 2009, granted the title of "learning party" by the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the same year by the China Children and Teenagers Foundation awarded the "Community Star Enterprise". In 2010, the group of trade unions has been awarded the honorary title of "outstanding grassroots trade unions". In July 2011, the company received the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, the 30th anniversary of the "China Children Charity Award - Outstanding Contribution Award".
"Innovation is the soul of the scientific development of our business to achieve bigger and stronger, we must take the road of innovation. But this innovation is not just referring to technology innovation, but to all-round, full-coverage innovation, marketing, supply, transportation management, education, etc., all aspects should be continued innovation. Chairman Du so much emphasized on meeting the 2010 annual summary of the work. Magnificent, "the 12th Five-Year" of the horn is sounded, Rizhao Iron and Steel in the larger and stronger journey to further integrate resources, and embrace innovative elements with an open mind, a sense of play and the courage to fight, focus on innovation-driven endogenous growth, focus on resource conservation and environment-friendly, expand the take-off on the wings, to hold the Chinese metallurgical industry, the hope of tomorrow.
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