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2012 College Graduate Students Registration Guidelines
2012 College Graduate Students
Welcome you to join Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd., for the convenience of the students to the company, the register matters described below:
One, register address, time
Company address: No.600,Yanhai Road, Rizhao City, Shandong province (Lanshan District)
Registration arrangement first: July 2, 2012(Monday)
                                               second: July 7, 2012(Saturday)
                                               third: July 16, 2012(Monday)
                                               fourth: July 23, 2012(Monday)
(8:3017:30 in the bus station, train station)
Other times, the company do not pick up in the bus station, train station
Other ways: from Rizhao to the company route map
1, train station route map: walk to Shijiu bus station, south side of the train station(about 500 meters), sit Shijiu - Lanshan (RMB 10) bus, in the company office district (East Gate) to get off, then go to the eighth conference rooms;
2, train station route map: take Rizhao-Lanshan Bus (RMB 9), get off at Hushan Town crossing, take a taxi (RMB 8) to the company office district ( East Gate ),then go to the eighth conference rooms.
Second, prepare documents
two generation of effective identity cards, graduation certificate, degree certificate (only Bachelor and above degree provide), the register card, account migration card (need to change registered permanent residence staff), the Party member organizes relation recommendation and other documents, four one inch of photos (ID, graduation certificate, degree certificate required 2 copies)
Bedding and other supplies (available to purchase in the company); because wages have time difference, please bring your own part of living expenses.
Third, the baggage mail ( if required)
Address: No.600,Yanhai Road, Rizhao City, Shandong province; Recipient: students; zip code: 276806
Tel: 0633-6184866;0633-6188005;0633-2969202
Administrative and Personnel Department of Rizhao Steel Co.,Ltd
June 13,2012
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