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Rizhao Steel carried out 2012 key universities talent introduction
On June 29, Chongqing University interns are visiting the company exhibition hall
On the morning of June 19, two bus with 85 Chongqing University interns drove into Rizhao Steel and went straight to corporate catering, got out of 85 Chongqing University interns. Although it was not breakfast time, logistics office specially prepared for delicious meals and new dormitory for them.
They are all metallurgical engineering undergraduate for internship training before graduating in the iron and steel enterprises. Metallurgical Engineering of Chongqing University of 2009 students three classes of 87 students this year, except for two students, all other persons went to Rizhao Steel internship.
As early as the end of November 2011, when Rizhao Steel went to Chongqing University for recruit 2012 graduates, contacted with the school to communicate student internship matters, and signed letter of intent. It is understood that from the end of June to the end of August in this year, six batches of nearly 600 students from Chongqing University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, will went to company for practical training
Contact key institutes of higher learning, introduce talents
Since 2011, for response to the company bigger and stronger strategic requirements, Rizhao Steel Human Resource Department took the initiative to optimize human resources, and actively introduced outstanding talents. In 2011, introduced 4 Doctors, 18 senior engineers, 16 intermediate engineers, 391 undergraduate and above students, among them 82 "211" key institutions students. At the same time, pay more attention to contact with the key metallurgical institutions, strengthen the publicity and attract.
"This session students, your company has signed nearly 50 people, which is unique in our school recruitment company."Beijing University of Science and Technology Employment Departmen teacher expressed surprise with the number of Rizhao Steel recruitment graduates of the school.
Because the company attaches great importance to the key metallurgical institutions (Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University) student internships and scientific organization, the internship students and institutions already have a very deep understanding of Rizhao Steel's corporate culture and spirit. In this year, through school propaganda, Rizhao Steel has a good harvest in the school recruitment.
The internship students are interested in the company's recruitment policy, human resources development policies. On June 21, administrative personnel manager communicated with students, the most consult is the company's treatment, the development opportunity, personnel training mode.
"I appreciate the idea of ​​employing, what about company's employees education level? what are the training plan of undergraduate students? " a student had a strong interest in the company's personnel training. School teacher Zhu Mingmei said, this student had a high ability, would go abroad to join debate competitions/
Talents training in advance
With Rizhao Steel scientific management system and strategies, the company's human resources policy gradually refined. Since 2011, the company gradually changed the former recruitment arrangements, organized school recruitment in one semester before graduation. At the same time, change the lack of propaganda in the recruitment process, during the recruitment of key institutions, focused early propaganda, such as corporate videos in the presentation, a comprehensive introduction of corporate culture, focusing on the concept of company employment interpretation and transmission.
In addition, the company pay more attention to key professional students special training work, rich students in training, in-depth promote company culture, so that every internship student can deeply understand the spirit of Rizhao Steel.
In the students continuous development, before students enter the factory, administrative personnel department will arrange full-time instructors, help students in quick access to the following training, the company will also focus on training arrangement of related personnel, enhance reserve talented person ability in all aspects.
With the broad development prospects to attract talents
Intern Li Xin told the reporter: "as an iron and steel metallurgy professional students, choose work not only see the treatment, more to see the future prospects. Rizhao Steel can obtain such a large development in just nine years, the key is to the attention of talent. Last year, the company signed a large number of college students of Beijing University of Science and Technology, this year also arrange us to practice, make us feel the corporate demand for talents. "
Lead talent with a clear development ideas
Chongqing University teacher Zhu Mingmei said, " today after we hear factory director of water slag treatment plants and solid waste comprehensive utilization of plant, we find that Rizhao Steel development concept is very clear, in the steel industry profits lower, actively develop non-steel industry, and actively invest in high-end equipment, upgrade products, in the future, I would recommend students to Rizhao steel."
Social love inspire talents
One of the students from Sichuan, said: "in the earthquake, Rizhao Steel contributed 1.5 billion, we feel very warm, I believe that a true sense of social responsibility of enterprises must be able to have a bright future."
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