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Rizhao Steel carries out private enterprise social responsibility with real action
Adhering to charitable philosophy of "iron will, love back", with its own development, Rizhao Steel make a positive contribution to the construction of a harmonious society, harmonious enterprise. Up to now, social contributions have more than 750 million Yuan. In April 2012, Rizhao Steel was awarded "China Charity Award - the most donation Enterprise" by Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the third time ranked the "Forbes China Philanthropy List ".
Economic responsibilities°™make use of its own advantages, boost economic development
Rizhao Steel firmly grasp the macro and micro economic situation, clear goals, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and strive to become bigger and stronger companies.
The company actively plays its own advantages, provides a large number of raw materials, products and social wealth for social progress and national infrastructure, makes efforts to the local economic development, and solves a lot of talent employment, makes contribution to build a harmonious society.
Create social wealth
Rizhao Steel has formed the product pattern, plate, bar, line, and type steel simultaneously, the products sell well in and around the world. Hot-rolled H type steel, carbon structural steel and low alloy steel hot-rolled wide strip steel and other products were awarded " Shandong Famous Brand ", 175 °Ń 175 size H type steel fill the domestic blank, become the specified timber of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail sound barrier project. In recent years, the products are widely used in the Bird's Nest, the Three Gorges Dam, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Jiao Zhou Bay Bridge and other national key projects.
Promote local economic development
With its increasing economic strength, tax contribution is also increasing, in 2008 the tax accounted for 53 percent of local tax revenue, more than 3 billion Yuan in 2009, 3.1 billion Yuan in 2010, 3.92 billion Yuan in 2011.
The company signed a cooperation framework agreement with the local government, and actively helped local support steel upstream and downstream industries, made a steel industrial chain, made a positive contribution to the local construction and development.
Solve social employment
Through the steel extension industry, in the past few years, local logistics, commerce, transportation, services, and steel supporting industries developed quickly, solved a large number of personnel employment, had made outstanding contributions to the development of the local social harmony.
Environmental responsibility- protect the environment, establish an industry model
In 2009 Rizhao was named the "United Nations Habitat Award", which is the highest honor for a global human settlements, it is the full testimony of Rizhao Steel in the protection of ecological environment.
Invest recycle economy, get environmental benefits
Rizhao Steel is one of the 1000 enterprises energy conservation action enterprises, attaches great importance to the development of recycling economy and environmental protection. The company has a number of advanced new processes, new technology at home and abroad, has invested 3.6 billion Yuan in energy saving and recycling economy, has blast furnace gas power generation, TRT power generation, the converter waste heat power generation, sintering waste heat power generation, ultra-fine powders of water slag, steel slag ultrafine powder, comprehensive sewerage, solid waste comprehensive utilization of sintering flue gas desulfurization and a full range of circular economy projects, improves energy efficiency, resource efficiency, gets environmental and economic benefits. At present, the enterprise through the development of circular economy and energy saving, achieves zero emission of waste water, emissions and solid waste. Sewage treatment and reuse works, blast furnace gas power generation projects are named "Shandong Province environmental protection demonstration project". In 2011, the company was awarded "circular economy research demonstration bases" by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the cycle of Chinese Economic and Environmental Assessment Research Center.
Implement cleaner production, build green Rizhao steel
Rizhao Steel implements cleaner production processes, such as  "whole continuous casting steelmaking, billet full hot delivery, rolling a full fire timber, increase the amount of pulverized coal injection", "zero emissions of slag and iron dust, zero-emission of blast furnace, converter gas, wastewater zero discharge, waste heat closed circuit use", to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency. The company installed efficient environmental equipments in pollution-producing parts, took control of dust and pollutant emissions. The company also installed online monitoring facilities, with the provincial and municipal environmental protection bureau online networking, implemented 24-hour monitoring of the waste gas, waste water, noise. In January 2008, Shandong Environmental Protection Organization made cleaner production evaluation, the company got 91 points, at the leading domestic level.
Reduce process energy consumption, achieve energy conservation
Rizhao Steel made production process energy conservation as development starting point, the process made use of advanced energy-saving technology, the process energy consumption indicators in the industry-leading level. In 2011, Rizhao steel energy saving recycle economies achieved power self-supply rate 57%, in the leading domestic level, the annual savings of 400,000 tons of standard coal, indirectly reduced 3.16 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The daily sewage treatment capacity of 30,000 tons, treated wastewater fully met the requirements of the common fish stable survival, truly realized the self-circulation of water for production. Solid waste slag, steel slag are all deep processed into high-quality, low-cost finished products for sale. In 2010, the company invested 340 million Yuan to build sintering flue gas desulfurization project, the annual sulfur dioxide emissions 7322 tons, producing 3300 tons of ammonium sulfate, achieved the desulfurization, denigration and dust-remove environmental protection effect.
Rizhao Steel achieved the comprehensive utilization of waste gas, waste water, waste, and truly realized the operation of low-cost, high efficiency, energy saving achieved remarkable results.
Cultural responsibilities - concern about the staff development, build harmonious Rizhao steel
Rizhao Steel provides staff with a working environment in line with human rights, educates workers in line with the behavior of social ethics, complies with the requirements of environmental protection in production to ensure that employees, customers, environment, community and employer make health development and maintain harmony.
The company concerns about staff development, achieves win-win situation of employees and enterprises. Through the exercise, appointment and training of employees, builds a platform for staff development, stimulates workers greater enthusiasm, to work more actively, consciously dedication, promotes sustained development of the enterprise.
For the workers health, the company expanded workers hospital. Every year, the company organized health examination for workers in key positions, dangerous jobs and toxic and hazardous jobs, and established health records for workers. The company built furnished dormitory, canteen, restaurants, baths, etc., to meet the needs of workers. At the same time, the company developed two residential quarters for workers in Rizhao urban for low sales.
Workers rescue fund is established since 2008, raised a total of 790600 Yuan. In five years, the fund run standard, orderly, help many workers in difficulties. Since its establishment, has received a total of more than 100 applications, after full investigation, the fund issued funds for ten times, the relief amount 716000 Yuan, helped 57 difficult worker
Charity -great love, charity
Rizhao Steel actively engaged in earthquake relief, education, health care, supporting the old-poverty, up to now, the amount of social contributions in the Philanthropy has more than 750 million Yuan.
Earthquake relief
In 2007, the company donated 1 million Yuan for Xintai coal mine flooding event.
On May 12, 2008, after Wenchuan earthquake, Rizhao Steel donated 100 million Yuan to the China Federation of Industry and Commerce; donated 30 million Yuan to Shandong Charity Federation; donated 10 million Yuan to Rizhao Charity Federation; organized workers to donated 2.53 million Yuan to Lanshan Red Cross; donated 6.5 million Yuan to the China Health and Medical Development Foundation; party members donated special fee 560000 Yuan; donated 40 million Yuan to the China Children and Youth Development Foundation. local hospitals, schools, welfare homes for the elderly, women and children activity center 21 units got Rizhao Steel charity support.
In 2010, Rizhao Steel donated 50 million Yuan in Yushu earthquake relief activities, donated 6 million Yuan to Gansu Zhouqu relief.
Reconstruct a warm home for 712 earthquake orphans
Considering the children who lost their homes and school suffered great physical and mental trauma in Wenchuan earthquake, Rizhao steel donated nearly 160,000,000 Yuan to China children and Teenagers Fund, to resettle 712 orphans and construct " Ankang home" in Shuangliu, Sichuan, and will support them until the completion of the highest academic, it is biggest one-time investment, largest time span, since Chinese children Foundation was established for thirty years.
"Rizhao steel speed" sublimated "love speed," Rizhao Steel has created another miracle. In May 2008, only one week, Ankang Home with residential, entertainment, medical, food and so on was established in Rizhao. In one and half month, nearly 30 transfer, 712 orphans(the oldest 19 years old, the youngest 3 years old) from Sichuan 10 city, 31 district, 6 peoples, were arranged in Rizhao Ankang Home and a school in Beijing.
During one year in Ankang Home, the family care, expert psychological counseling, the local teachers' careful guidance, a variety of extra-curricular life, the children went out of the shadow of the earthquake. To further improve the learning environment for children, after interim placement of the children, Rizhao Steel donated 100 million Yuan to build Ankang Home and schools in Chengdu, the company and China child Foundation set up a working group to organize and supervise the construction of the project.
In 2009, total construction area of ​​38,500 square meters, with furnished living facilities, rich educational resources, advanced teaching facilities, Shuangliu Ankang Home was put into use in Shuangliu, Chengdu, Sichuan, became the largest earthquake orphans resettlement base, in the same year, successfully completed the overall migration of the Ankang Home orphans.
Focus on medical career and education career
Since the establishment, the company donated 2 million Yuan to Rizhao Xinying school, Rizhao Railway school, Rizhao Yijia school, built hope elementary school for the resident village, donated to middle school to improve teaching environment and teaching facilities. In Children's Day every year, the company provided donations and gifts to kindergarten primary school, Xinying elementary school, experimental school, railway elementary school, to encourage children.
In 2007, donated 100,000,000 Yuan to China Health and Medical Development Foundation for medical assistance. At present, the foundation has help 5000 million people;
In 2008, donated 200,000 Yuan to Welfare Fund of Shandong Province;
In 2009, donated 62 million Yuan to Shanghai Love Foundation;
In 2011, donated 20 million Yuan to the China Children and Teenagers Foundation rescue anemia children projects, in the same year donated 20 million Yuan for the opera career of Jilin Province;
In 2012, donated 300,000 Yuan to Shandong Province love disabled unit.
Support surrounding areas and poverty-stricken areas
Rizhao Steel issued 50 Yuan every month for the neighboring village of more than 5,000 old people who were over the age of 60.Since 2006, has issued 11.86 million Yuan.
The company also organized warmth-giving activities, visited hardship families of the neighboring village, including disease or disability, living alone, households enjoying five guarantees, family members of martyrs and other families.
Since 2006, issued one-time grants for college entrance examination students of the resident village, totally fund more than 500 university students. Since 2006, issued 4.7 million Yuan undergraduate scholarships.
In 2011, one-time donated 30 million to Guanshan Road Community, Hushan Town for the construction of public facilities.
In 2011, Rizhao Steel actively participated in Chinese Glory Society
western poverty aid activities, donated 15 million yuan to poor areas, has greatly improved the living and production conditions of local residents.
Rizhao Steel won the highest charity praise
Charity has become an important part of Rizhao Steel corporate culture. Its contribution got wide attention and highly appreciated.
On May 17, 2008, the company was awarded earthquake relief donation certificate by Shandong Charity Federation.
On May 19, 2008, the company was awarded earthquake relief donation certificate by Ministry of Civil Affairs.
In December 2008, the China Federation of Industry awarded the advanced group of earthquake relief, presented certificates and medals. China Health and Medical Foundation awarded certificates and trophies. Ministry of Civil Affairs granted the "China Charity Award" and presented with certificates and trophies.
In 2009, the company was awarded "Star Enterprise" by China Children and Teenagers Foundation and was granted medals.
In November 2010, the China Women's Federation and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund awarded the "China Charity Award for children, and granted medals and certificates.
In 2011, China Women's Federation and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund awarded "Children's Charity Award - Outstanding Contribution Award", granted medals and certificates.
In April 2012, the company was awarded "China Charity Award - the most donation Enterprise" by Ministry of Civil Affairs for the second time, the Forbes China Philanthropy List for the third time. It also became one of the China charity list top ten enterprises in 2012.
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