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Rizhao Steel the first steel plant promotes clean production protects the environment
The first steel plant was built earlier, a number of environmental protection equipment has been difficult to adapt to the company's development needs, the ability to run with the actual production capacity does not match, bring a certain difficulty to the environmental protection work. Under the guidance of leaders, the first steel plant in the plant all departments, workshops full participated , and actively seek solutions to overcome the problem, environmental protection has achieved remarkable results.
Ideological importance, strong leadership
The first steel plant leaders personally participated in the monthly environmental governance monthly wrap-up, as well as environmental issues, analysis the problems reasons from the production process and operation, suggested improvements, and implementation. Under the leadership of the plant leadership, workshop, department work closely with the production department of environmental protection work; production department in a fair and equitable in principle, to carry out related work. In addition, the running shop, repair shop, highly concerned about the operation of environmental protection equipment, every morning after the meeting will inspect the furnace seat dust.
At the same time, the problems of environmental protection equipment and facilities, the first steel plant leadership actively put forward suggestions for improvement. The first steel plant through the refining furnace dust pipe bold transformation, set up the activities of the observation hole to facilitate observation, cleaning, refining furnace, additional dust cover of the elbow, so that the effect of dust has been greatly improved refining furnace smelting process in the amount of dust is significantly reduced compared to the past; through the transformation of the converter nitrogen sealed system control pressure valve, the furnace, an assistant can be quickly at any time in the main control room of nitrogen seal pressure adjustment, fast response, high regulation accuracy, smoke control play a key role. In workers' education, the first steel plant has organized the furnace and converter assistant skills training to improve their level of skills to operate effectively.
In April, the first steel plant, director of environmental management leadership convened the workshop director of environmental protection authorities to hold a business meeting, further clarified the environmental protection work to smoke control and dust suppression, to improve the working environment as a starting point, requiring staff to change their ideas, good at finding problems, solve problems, take full advantage of the good performance appraisal approach, motivate and promote the effective implementation of the work.
Pragmatic change and innovative 
Actively explore the new model of environmental management
The first steel plant actively improved environmental management model, environmental governance to the production department divided by the Safety and Environmental Division, concentrating on the production manager.The one hand, environmental protection and production on the same height, reflects the emphasis on environmental protection work, and enhance the relevance of environmental protection work, reducing the difficulty of the work ;on the other hand, the personnel responsible for the production managed environmental protection work, is more conducive to production, technology, operations and other aspects to find the reasons for environmental issues, and targeted environmental management improvement measures are proposed.
Carry out of environmental protection innovation activities
From May 2011 to March 2012, the first steel plant has implemented a total of 14 innovative projects, and 12 active innovation awards, six of them by the company as the second prize, six were rated as third prize.
Implement environmental technical innovation, promote clean production
The first steel plant actively organized and implement environmental technological transformation project, has been approved by the company and implement technology projects: Mixer molten iron down the tank, feeding systems, bulk material dust cover on the growth of the refining furnace, 2 #converter once dust technological transformation, 4 # converter once dust technological transformation.
The first steel plant actively explored the technological transformation of the converter dust upgrade, 2 # converter in December last year as a pilot, a dust removal system to adjustable throat venturi tube changed annulus type heavy mound adjustable venturi tube. The system since the formal operation in January this year, through the monitor of the Ministry of Environmental Protection monitoring stations, the concentration of particulate matter emissions to reduce by 60%. In order to promote the technical transformation projects, the first steel plant was completed on March 24 this year, dust removal technological transformation of the 4 # converter. 1#, 3 # furnace will gradually carry out the overhaul of this technological transformation projects.
To promote the work of second dusting removal, Production Division of the first steel plant, motor Branch and the Ministry of Environmental Protection motor Ministry of Wuxi City, East Environmental Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. has carried out technical exchanges, repeated to explore the transformation program, finalized the project program, a reasonable allocation of the system air volume of 1,000,000 m3. After the technological transformation, the field environment and staff operating environment has been significantly improved.
Departments with the concerted efforts
Under the leadership of the plant leadership, the various sections of the first steel plant, workshops, in close coordination, make concerted efforts to promote environmental protection work. Block dust system of each furnace, the Mobile Branch initiative, led a lot of work carried out in the operation point inspection of environmental protection equipment. The first steel plant leaders personally participated in the Joint Inspection of the production department organization of environmental protection equipment, and made ​​a lot of improvements on the professional management of environmental protection equipment. In order to promote the implementation of the technological transformation, the plant leadership repeatedly contacted with the motor Ministry to discuss transformation program, the final old residue cross-spraying technological transformation was completed in February this year, greatly reducing the dust frequency, and improve the regional environment.
In March of this year, in the use of sinter initially, production process change gave the flue gas control difficulties. In this case, the Technology Section of the initiative to lead the plant leading professional technical guidance on the operation of the converter shop, and eventually worked out a converter operation during use of the sinter smoke control instructions.
For highly efficient and stable operation, the first steel plant under the leadership of the competent director, every month the workshop, departments actively cooperated with the joint inspection to carry out environmental protection equipment and facilities to ensure environmental protection equipment. Identified in strict accordance with the principle of "rectification time, corrective measures, responsible person" for rectification; strictly included in the assessment of the salience of issues, in conjunction with the assessment of the workshop director and director of the security.
With the active cooperation of related departments and the workshop, the environmental awareness of all workers have been rising, and are able to take the initiative to find problems at work, and timely report and take corresponding measures.
Standardized management institutionalized
Production Division of the first steel plant comprehensive investigated 13 flue gas emission points of the whole plant, combined with actual flue gas monitoring, smoke control research and environmental protection, formed a series of management system in production, equipment, management, such as developed a "Si + Mn" system, environmental protection equipment, dust blower operating parameters provides that the preparation of three tobacco control contingency plans and converter sinter during the flue gas control instructions issued. In May this year, the first steel plant, for during the overhaul of the mixer overhaul and production organization, the special circumstances of the flue gas control, the preparation of hair mixer smoke control measures and on the total iron smelting, recycled steel smelting flue gas control Measures for the Administration, to promote environmental management work of institutionalization and standardization.
Practice training increase skills
The first steel plant developed a "sudden environmental pollution incident response plan, the three tobacco control contingency plans" and other contingency plans, every month carried out emergency drills. Since August 2011, the first steel plant has organized more than 40 various types of environmental emergency drills to improve emergency handling capacity of relevant personnel.
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