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Recently, the "Supplier Innovation Day" by Brose Automotive Technology Enterprise Management (China) Co., Ltd. was held at their headquarters in Shanghai, during the course of which Rizhao Steel Group's ESP automotive steel product has won the "2018 Asian Supplier Innovation Award" for its outstanding quality and excellent after-sales service.

Brose is a well-known family-owned company in the global automotive spare parts industry. The group’s product range consists of car doors and seats, motor and driving systems, as well as electronic components, including steering systems, brake systems, transmissions, engine cooling systems etc. As a well-known supplier to the international automotive industry, Brose Group highly values ​​Rizhao Steel's ESP automotive steel products. Both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the product characteristics and later cooperation of ESP automotive structural steel, indicating that they will continue to deepen cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

The awarding ceremony not only enhanced the confidence of Rizhao Steel’s sales and technical staff in our automotive steel in entering and developing business within this industry at a much larger scale, but also enabled Brose Group to obtain a deeper understanding of the company's development of steel products with special characteristics, the advantages of our ESP production line and the service orientation and professionalism of Rizhao Steel’s production and sales research team.

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