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Employment Concept
Personnel Adminstration Department is a functional department of Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd., it is responsible for research, analysis and management of human resource planning, posts determining and personnel allocation, for making human resource management system, for the employment, training, examination and compensation assessment and distribution of personnel.  
The company establishes the principle of People First, and holds the employment principle of Able Person Goes to the Top, Fair Person Gives Way, Incapble Person Goes to the Bottom. 
    í˘ Find talentsí¬the company selects talents without following to one pattern. Rizhao Steel is a paradise for all entrepreneurs.
    í˘ Use talentsí¬the company sticks to the principle of People Shall Do All He Can, and makes every personnel do his best at his own post.
    í˘ Encourage talentsí¬the company applies flexible encouragement policies to promote personnel to devote themselves to the work.
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