Ministry of Industry Information Technology, Deputy Director of Raw Materials Department Luo Tiejun went to Rizhao Steel

        The morning of June 11th, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Raw Materials Department, deputy director Luo Tiejun, Iron and Steel Division Director Miao Zhimin, Iron and Steel Division investigator Xu Wenli, accompanied by Shandong Province Commision of Economy and Information Technology director Wang Wanjie, Rizhao Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Liu Zhaoliang and other people, went to Rizhao Steel to research iron and steel industry structure adjustment.
        Rizhao Steel general manager assistant Yan Xiuxun made an introduction of Rizhao Steel from culture, human resources, production management, product structure optimization adjustment and energy saving and emission reduction, recycling economy, clean production, production safety and social responsibility seven aspects, and introduced production quantity, production quantity per capita and tax in 2011, emphasized on recycling economy, energy saving and other achievements. Currently, the company makes the use of the TRT waste heat power generation technology, power generation self-sufficiency rate has reached more than 50%; next, while promoting the production, the company will further increase the proportion of independent power generation.
        In addition, many circular economy indicators of Rizhao Steel have reached or exceeded Shandong Province in the "12th Five-Year Plan" requirements for energy saving.
        Rizhao Commision of Economy and Information Technology director Gao Yuebo reported the preparatory work of elimination of backward production capacity and efforts to implement “on Rizhao Steel existing plant, construct tens of millions of tons of fine steel production base” conception.deputy director Luo Tiejun heard Rizhao Steel and Rizhao Minicipal report, made specific instructions: first, grasp the general direction of iron and steel industry, fully play the role of market mechanism to guide the rational allocation of resources, the government should play policy guiding role; at the same time, further balance the industrial structure, technological innovation, improve equipment level.